About Me

I live in Smyrna with my lovely wife, Aimee, and our sons, Sam and Jack. I am a hobbyist photographer and I love music, sports, and warm, southern winters.

One of my childhood dreams was to become a photographer and have a dark room. The age of digital photography has eliminated the need for dark rooms while enabling us to capture and share precious moments of our lives with incredible ease. My passion for photography has soared over the last several years as I've captured countless moments of my family's life together. Through my personal and professional experiences, I've learned to handle photographing children with immeasurable patience. I willingly embrace their unpredictable nature, which adds to the innocence of the moment.

My goal as a photographer is to capture those moments special to you. Whether I'm getting candid shots of your child showing off their free spirit, or capturing posed portraits that grandparents love to frame, I will use my talents to create a work of art you will cherish forever.

I am 6'-7", and quite possibly the tallest photographer you've ever met.